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But before you go let me ask you a quick question?

I would like to be fluent in Japanese but I lack the motivation and I find it difficult. But it would be nice to watch my favourite anime shows without subtitles….

Have you asked yourself this question?


Imagine receiving the entire One-Piece Anime collection. Would you try to finish all 1,075 episodes in a single day, or would you gradually watch each episode, immersing yourself in the storyline?

Most of us would naturally go with the latter. After all, it makes sense. However, when it comes to learning Japanese, many dive right in without a clear strategy, only to get overwhelmed and quit.

But I’m here to guide you; learning Japanese can be achievable. Here’s how:

Start by understanding your reasons for learning the language. Is it just for anime? Or perhaps manga, light novels, or even J-pop? Identifying what truly drives you will keep you motivated during tough times. Write down your reasons, put them somewhere you can see daily, and revisit them often.

Next, envision your success.

Imagine comprehending every dialogue in an anime episode or reading manga without needing a translation. This vision will constantly remind you of your goals and the exciting world of anime awaiting you.

Planning is key. Just as you wouldn’t randomly select an anime without checking its genre or reviews, don’t dive into learning Japanese without a structured approach. Dedicate regular time to studying and be consistent.

Monitoring your progress is vital.

Maintain a study journal to jot down new phrases, kanji, or anything you find challenging about the language. Reflecting on your notes will show your growth and push you to keep progressing.

Set short-term goals related to anime, like understanding a specific episode or a manga chapter. Celebrate these milestones; they’ll serve as motivation boosters.

Also, select study materials that resonate with you. Maybe it’s anime-themed textbooks or Japanese light novels. Engaging with content that you love will make the journey enjoyable.

In conclusion, many aspiring Japanese learners, especially anime fans, lose hope not because they can’t, but because they lack the belief that they can. I assure you, with the right mindset, clarity of purpose, and dedication, you can immerse yourself in the vibrant world of anime without subtitles.

And here’s the best part: We’re by your side in this anime adventure! That’s why we’re giving you our Learn Japanese Cheat Sheet; 4 Pack PDF’s FOR FREE! These exclusive cheat sheets will make your Japanese language journey fun and efficient:

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Start today by going into your email and downloading “Cheat Sheet 1 – Pronunciation & Writing and soon, you’ll be living the anime dream, savouring every word, every emotion, raw and unfiltered.

These cheat sheets were created using the below eBooks which make up the introduction to the Japanese language ebook pack.