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Ready to learn japanese?

Our eBook Pack: Introduction to the Japanese language; is perfect for new learners of Japanese or those who want to re-start the process of learning the language. The ebooks are also conveniently organised in order of importance which is shown below:

(1) Grammar: This is the first thing you need to learn before anything else and the ebook: An Introduction to Japanese Syntax, Grammar and Language; will teah you everything about Japanese grammer and alphabets.

(2) Symbols: Next you will learn Japanese symbols called Kanji and the ebook: List of 1000 Kanji; will provide you with a list of the most commonly used Kanji in the Japanese language and their meaning.

(3) Vocabulary: You'll then learn the most common words used in Japanese and the ebook: English to Japanese Vocabulary N5 & N4; will provide you with a list of all of the words beginnners (N5) & intermediate (N4) learners need to know.

(4) Practice: As we all know practice makes perfect and thats why you'll also receive the ebook: First Year Japanese Practice; which provides you with one years worth of questions and answers so that you can test your fluency.

Ebook 1 of 4: Grammar

An Introduction to Japanese Syntax, Grammar and Language
This 298 page eBook provides clear, jargon-free explanations of how Japanese grammar works and offers dozens of example sentences, it is an essential handbook for self-study and will be a valued resource for years to come.

The book gives a comprehensive overview of Japanese grammar, including the parts of speech, sentence word order, verbs, counters, and other facets of everyday language.

It is a dictionary of grammar and explains and illustrates the correct uses of hundreds of Japanese suffixes, prefixes, grammatical words, and phrases.

Ebook 2 of 4: Symbols

List of 1000 Kanji (A list of the most common Kanji used in the Japanese Language)
Far from being a complex and mysterious script, Japanese kanji is actually a simple and fascinating pictographic and ideographic system, easily understood and mastered.

With the approach used in this easy-to-read, kanji presentation guide you'll soon be able to recognize and read 1000 of the most used kanji, whether or not you have any knowledge of Japanese grammar or the spoken Japanese language.

The description of each of the 1000 kanji characters explains its modern uses, and how it is pronounced and gives you an example of its daily use.

Ebook 3 of 4: Vocabulary

English to Japanese Vocabulary N5 & N4 (1500+ words)
The English-Japanese vocabulary pack is an easy-to-use guide when learning Japanese. Designed specifically for English-speaking adult learners who are either learning from scratch or refreshing lost language skills.

Both the N5 and N4 eBooks will teach you the most useful grammatical patterns in an easy-to-understand way, while also presenting each word in an easy to understand layout.

These eBooks will ensure that you have the knowledge necessary to engage with Japanese speakers and understand what is being said in Japanese media such as anime and manga.

Ebook 4 of 4: Practice

First Year Japanese Reading Practice (Presentation)
These 158 practice presentation slides are broken down into 24 sections which you can see in the preview below.

These slides will test your knowledge of Japanese by first allowing you to read the dialogue in the super-efficient Romaji romanization system. After which you will be encouraged to create your own Japanese sentences using everything you have learnt so far.

If you intend to learn Japanese to the point of fluency these 158 practice slides will help you build the foundations necessary to achieve that goal.


What Users Say About The Japanese eBook Bundle
Susan Powell

“A brilliant bunch of eBooks, it really helped”
“I am particularly excited to re-experience the process of learning Japanese as an adult, as I lived in Japan until I was 4 before moving to Sydney. And these are by far the best eBooks I could find, as they literally cover everything required for the first year of Japanese learning (N5 and N4). And I’m Loving it every step!”

David Longford

“A must-buy pack, definitely worth it”
“At first, I was skeptical because of the low price but I am very satisfied with my experience. The practice tasks on the presentations are a bit too easy at times, but overall the eBooks are very good, I had fun learning new words and phrases using the N5 and N4 vocabulary eBooks, I recommend buying the pack if you’re somewhat new to Japanese.”


“Loved these eBooks!”
“I think these ebooks offer a lot of good strategies for those interested in learning a new language. It provides enough learning material on both a conversational level and as a starting point for learning the basic structure of the language and as you get all of the ebooks at once, you are able to go at whatever pace works for you!.”


“A great way to start learning Japanese”
“These eBooks are AWESOME! I’ve never been the best at self-teaching so finding the “Japanese ebook bundle” was a real gift! I am a beginner and so far I really enjoy learning Japanese. Although there is a lot to memorize the ebooks are designed very nicely so you don’t feel intimidated.”

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Japanese eBook Pack


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WAS 39.99 NOW...
  • ★ What's in the bundle ★
  • Introduction to Japanese Syntax, Grammar and Language (PDF)
  • List of 1000 Kanji (PDF)
  • English to Japanese Vocabulary N5 & N4 (PDF)
  • First Year Japanese Reading Practice (PDF)
  • Download The eBooks Immediately After Purchase